Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Pod Was Cast

Michael Abbott was kind enough to invite me onto his post-GDC wrap-up podcast. There are four different segments with various guests and mine was in the company of Leigh Alexander and David Carlton. I was greatly esteemed to be amongst such company, and it was fascinating hearing what non-developers found engaging about GDC. The other segments have guests easily as interesting and on the off-chance you're not reading Michael's site, correct that immediately.

One thing we touched on briefly was classic Lucasarts-esque adventure games. I may sound a little down on them, but (as I tried to clarify) these are some of my favourite games ever. I'll post about this in more detail soon, but the short version is I'd like to see adventure games move from the domain of the patient and persistant to something far more folks can enjoy. More on that soon.

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