Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Plurality of Pontification - Podcast and PAX

The ever-gracious Michael Abbott invited me back to his excellent podcast once again. For his 25th podcast, Michael rounded up 14 (!) of us to talk about our most significant game/idea/trend/person in 2009 up to now. A mid-year retrospective, if you will.

I believe there are five different segments and the first features myself, Steve Gaynor and Wes Erdelack/Iroquois Pliskin. Be sure to subscribe to Michael's podcast and check out all the other segments as they come out later this week. As always, it was pleasure to be on Michael's podcast and have a chance to converse with such fantastic folks.

If reading these mad ramblings isn't enough and you'd like to see me froth in person, myself and a cadre of other excellent developers, authors and bloggers will be having a panel discussion at PAX about "Murder, Sex and Drugs" and why they're awesome. Or perhaps if there a gulf between the seriousness of these subjects and how games address them. Somewhere along those lines.

Corvus put the panel together and it includes myself, Hothead coworker Dierdra Kiai, N'Gai Croal, Damon Brown and Max Battcher. We're in the Serpent Theatre (6th floor, room 6D) at 1 PM on Sunday.

Additionally, Hothead is going to be doing hourly demos of DeathSpank at our booth! Myself and some other members of our awesome team will be giving the demonstration. I hope you can stop by and see what we've been working so hard on. Our booth is in the smaller section of the expo hall, right by the PAX 10, Klei Entertainment, The Behemoth and other awesome folks.

If you've ever commented or just read the blog, feel free to track me down at the show and say hi. Hopefully I'll see you PAX bound folks at one venue or another!

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