Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Skip Week for Hearts

Skip week again! This time for love ... and other things. Valentine's Day consumed by writing time last night, but it was wholly worth it. A excellent (if inadvertently absurdly expensive) dinner with the wife, and she got me a replica flintlock pistol as a present! There's no way I could ever have done better.

Also, I've been tremendously busy with work lately. Mainly consumed with writing about a really, really exciting project that (of course), I can't say anything more about yet. But it's awesome and I'm elated to be working on it. And unlike the last time I got really excited about something, this one is actually real and we'll be talking about it ... eventually. In the mean time, let my enthusiasm suffuse through your monitor's radiation and please, accept my apologies for being so withholding.

Onward and upward! There will be another post next week and I'll try to have one in queue for the week I disappear to GDC. And hopefully I'll see some of y'all there. I'd be delighted to tell you more about my new gun.



Blogger Jacob Clark said...

Don't worry I have also been consumed with work and Valentine's day. My wife and I went out to Thai Food then saw a showing of the princess bride. Amazing that you get a flintlock it reminded me of a Mod I use to map for called Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2 for Half Life 2.

Waiting in excitement for more news to come!

February 16, 2011 at 2:05 PM  

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