Thursday, May 12, 2011

Skip Week for Indigo

It's a mulligan this week. I was hoping to write something this week, but inundation with work continues. Turns out creating something that nobody has really done before is complicated and difficult! A true ephihany, I know. It's still tremendously satisfying and I couldn't be doing it with a better batch of people. But yes, consuming.

And those few spare moments I have that aren't consumed by thinking about our current project have been consumed by trading indigo. I'd heard The Thumbs espousing the virutes of Dawn of Discovery (aka Anno 1404 in the olde worlde), and I purchased it on a holiday Steam sale, but hadn't actually had a chance to play it until last week. Now all my days are consumed with thoughts of spice routes, glassworks and breweries. It's a real-time city building game with a heavy emphasis on economics. One of my coworkers remarked that it was a "PC-ass PC game" after I explained it to him. A wonderfully accurate assessment, I think. It reminds me of Caesar III, which I played the hell out an era ago, except Dawn of Discovery is sodding gorgeous. Unfortunately, due to Ubisoft apparently not patching the Steam version of the game, it's not available to purchase on Steam currently, but it is on Impulse and Direct2Drive. Heartily recommend it.

I'll try to get the writing back on schedule this weekend. Assuming I can stop trading rope for indigo, at least briefly.

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