Monday, July 25, 2011

Skip Week for Cynocephaly

Yesterday, my wife and I adopted a rescue dog. That's him and he's bloody adorable! Supposedly he's all/mostly Formosan Mountain Dog or perhaps Pharaoh Hound, but since he was a rescued stray, nobody is really sure. He was hit by a car and abandoned when he was pretty young, but someone found and brought him to a vet. They were able to repair the damage to his hips and, except for a streak of white fur above a wicked scar that the ladies will totally dig, he made a total recovery. He lived with a rescue organization for a little while, until he came to be with us.

Fear not, I don't plan becoming one of those folks that regales the denizens of the Internet with "fascinating" pet tales, so this may the last strictly dog-related post. But he's the canid justification for no writing this week (plus being extremely busy at work). Although in brief, if you haven't bought Bastion yet, you really should. Two clicks here and it's done (or you can at least download the demo). And if it's that easy, what are you waiting for?



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