Friday, August 12, 2011


A brief hiatus is upon us, I'm afraid.

I've got a very exciting announcement to make in a few weeks, but the cause of such excitement also necessitates a great deal of work. To augment that, a) things at Klei becoming ever-increasingly busy and b) a design I've had in my head for a while and I'm really excited about is starting to come together, but truly needs proper attention. With all that, I know there's no way I could maintain writing here regularly at a level of quality I'd be happy with.

It's entirely possibly I'll still drop a random post here and there, but it won't be on the weekly basis I've tried to keep since I started this over two and a half years ago (holy hell, it's been that long?). I'm actually pretty sodding proud of putting out 155 posts in that time, with only a few skip weeks here and there. But rather than try to juggle all the above and put out half-baked posts just to stay "on schedule," I'm just going to power things down here for a little while. I won't stay away forever, but for the next little bit, energies are needed elsewhere.

But have no fear, you'll be hearing plenty more from me soon enough. So thanks for reading these mad screeds thus far, and don't worry, the screed engine will be firing up again before you know it.



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