Thursday, May 21, 2009

Readability Compilation, Now With Bonus Article!

This post is primarily intended for me to be able to easily link to the entire readability series I did over the past month-ish. However, for tolerating such cataloging so kindly, I've added a link to my May contribution to GDAotM as a bonus. I can already hear the gleeful intake of breath resounding across the Internet. Links follow.

On Readability

The introductory post on this topic:

The Importance of Readability in Games

Some examples of readability issues and how they contributed to the decline of adventure games:

Without Readability - The Decline of Adventure Games
Toward Better Readability in Adventure Games

Ways in which we can evaluate and improve readability:

Improving Readability - Empathy
Improving Readability - Data

Finally, my contribution to May's Game Design Aspect of the Month, which relates readability and unintended difficulty:

Meaningful Simplicity

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