Monday, May 28, 2012

Reporting on Ninja

Another couple quick links to some conversations about Ninja that I've been having lately. Again, preemptive apologies for the brevity, but as the game nears its final stretch, my ability to do anything but make it is quite diminished.

First, while Ben Kuchera was away doing E3 related things (I think?), he was kind enough to allow myself and a couple other indies take over the Penny Arcade Report. I, of course, wrote about stealth games. What I find interesting about them in general and then some things about Ninja specifically. I'm actually pretty darn happy with the piece, so please, give it a look.

Second, I talked to a couple of delightful Englishman over at about Ninja as well. It's part of the third episode of their podcast, available here, and our chat starts around 1 hour, 22 minutes in. We talked about a variety of things, including some tonal/theme stuff that we haven't talked much about before. Was definitely fun talking to those guys.

And now, I submerge once again. But I did just hear we are going to be showing the game off at E3, so hopefully we'll have even more to talk about from that. I won't be going this time (I'm not much for E3), I'll just be here, lashed to my desk and endless refining, tweaking and polishing. This digital lathe, it shall be my bride. For the next month or two, anyway.


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