Monday, January 2, 2012

Now With Video!

If I haven't mentioned it here before, one of the best things that happened to the Vancouver game dev scene (at least in my realm) was the Full Indie developer meetup really gathering steam. And at the last meetup of the year, I was asked to pull out a small section of my MIGS talk and deliver it to the assembled indie masses. And one of the organizers was kind enough to tape and upload it.

I ended up expanding the section where I talked the development of TV as a medium for creative expression. Basically, TV used to be awful. Really, fundamentally awful. Now we've got things like The Wire, Madmen, Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development, etc. and they're really good (I think I actually prefer a good serial TV show to most new movies at this point). What changed? Well, watch the video and find out!

A lot of this is drawn from Steven Johnson's book Everything Bad is Good for You. If you haven't read it, I heartily recommend it.

Also, I'm finally going to stop blogging (exclusively, anyway) about this talk now. I've got a year-end games post I'm going to pull together this week. I won't be anything as definitive as a "Best Of 2011." It's more just things I played that I really enjoyed, found surprising, etc. So stay tuned! (Get it??)


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