Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PAX, Paste and Mad Scribblings

The piece about PAX that I wrote for Paste is now online! It ended up being about the connections that are formed and rejuvenated by the event, both between fellow gamers and between players and creators. It ended up being a bit more upbeat and feel-good that I was anticipating, but it felt like it couldn't help but end up that way. Maybe that means it accurate captures how the show feels. PAX is by no means perfect, but I find it really hard to deny the atmosphere conjured by the event.

On a meta-level, seeing PAX from the media angle was absolutely fascinating and it definitely increases my empathy for anyone who writes about games for a living (seriously, you all endure a lot). No question the experience altered how I'll interact with media going forward, hopefully to the benefit of everyone.

As I mentioned before, major thanks to Kirk Hamilton for setting this up and Garrett Martin for editing/running it.

I'm quite curious to hear your thoughts and if you like the piece, please share it with any like-minded individuals!