Friday, March 30, 2012

Sneaky Bastards Indeed

Working on Mark of the Ninja has been tremendously exciting in large part due to the fondness I've had for stealth games ever since playing the first Thief. Obviously there are plenty of other folks similar fond of stealth games, but as far as I'm aware, there wasn't really a big singular site focused on stealth games. Until Sneaky Bastards opened its doors, anyway.

So when asked, I was more than happy to provided them with a few thoughts about stealth games, which can be read here. It's part of a larger all-star line-up including Harvey Smith and Raph Colantonio working on Dishonoured, J-F Dugas who headed up Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Andy Schatz of Monaco fame, Dan Silvers from Children of Liberty (meaning they got interviews from the entire cast of our upcoming panel about indie stealth games at PAX East) and even more great designers in the days to come. I think (hope?) I said some interesting things about my approach to stealth games and the design process behind Mark of the Ninja.

And it happens to be my birthday today, so that's not a bad present from the internet. We're seriously heads down on Ninja right now, preparing things for PAX East and getting the game polished, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have between now its launch to write much here.

It was really quite enjoyable doing the interview for Sneaky Bastards though, I think I've missed being in that mindset a bit. So maybe I'll try to put down a few more things down here between now and launch. If not, well, I'm sure this place will quickly become a clearhouse of posts about the game, so apologies in advance for that. I'll try to exercise some restraint.