Thursday, March 14, 2013


I'm going to be speaking at GDC this year! Specifically, I'll be talk about the design of Mark of the Ninja on Friday at 10 AM. If you're at the conference and want to have your ears filled by me, it would be awesome if you came by. Some other folks from Klei are going to be talking about Ninja in more of a general post-mortem sense as well, on Monday at 1:45 PM, so you should totally come for that too!

In a back-to-back conference/convention horrorshow (it will be fun, but literally flying across the continent both ways in three days is not the stuff of joy), we'll at PAX East in Boston the weekend before GDC as well! Klei is #774 in the IndieMegabooth and I'll be there for part of the time. We're showing off both Don't Starve and something brand new for Ninja, which I'm quite excited about.

Also, I'll be on a panel on Saturday night at 7:30 PM about communicating information through UI with most of the folks from Three Moves Ahead. It should be pretty cool, so if you're in Boston for PAX, come out!

Finally, I realized I've been slacking on linking my Unwinnable posts. My second one was a bit about Dark Souls and other games that create joy through suffering and most recently, I posted about the usefulness and hazards of playtesting. So read them words!