Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ninjas and the East

We got back from PAX East just over two weeks ago and it's been a flurry of insane, nonstop activity since. Cessation won't be coming any time soon either, so I figured now is as good a time as any to share some of the Mark of the Ninja things we talked about at PAX East. I'm trying not to feel like a shill and/or narcissist here (since most of this involves just linking interviews of myself), but imagining if there were some game I was interested in, I'd appreciate someone involved post a simple roundup of interesting things about it.

To start, GameTrailers filmed a walkthrough and out of the 15 minutes of excess detail and rambling I did, they actually got a ~4 minute cut that's pretty well representative of the game itself. So if there's a simple video to watch from PAX East, I'd say this is it.

[God dammit, I can't get the bloody video to embed without totally wanging this page's layout, so here's the link instead:]

I also talked to Anthony Carboni from Rev3 games right as the show opened on Friday. Awesome guy, great way to start the unending interviews and demos that my PAX consisted of.

Chatting with the guys and lady from Tek Syndicate was cool too, especially since I got to froth about about medieval Japanese history a bit.

Now for words!

Jeremy from 1UP seemed to be picking up what we were laying down, Tony from Destructoid also said some kind things and Mike, the founder of Indie Games Magazine, also chatted with us for a bit.

Also, the Vox Gaming crew talked about us, in their own personal way:

They declared that Guacamelee, Super Time Force and Retro/Grade, along with Mark of the Ninja, were the best games of PAX East (not the best indie games, best games period) with Ninja being the bestiest of them all!

Finally, I talked to HipHop Gamer about Ninja and without question, he was the most enthusiastic person I met at the entirety of PAX. It was actually quite a lot of fun and he's a really nice and supremely genuine guy. Plus, I got to hold his gigantic belt and I'm referred to as "Big Nels" in the video. I cannot honestly say I expected either of those things to ever happen.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Very Sneaky PAX East

I'm sitting in YVR airport waiting to depart for PAX East, so I'll be brief. Klei is going to be at PAX East, bringing Mark of the Ninja! The game will be playable on the show floor, at booth #120 (it's apparently right next to the PA merch booth). I'm tremendously excited to be showing off what we've been working so hard on and finally getting it into people's hands.

Additionally, on Friday night at 9 PM in the Cat Theatre, I'll be joining Andy Schatz (of Monaco) and Dan Silvers (of Children of Liberty) for a panel about stealth games, moderated by MIT Gambit's Matthew Weise (who also did the 10 part interview podcast series about Looking Glass, which you should absolutely listen to).

If you'll be at the show at all, please come by! I'd love to meet anyone and get your hands on our game. Now, for 13 hours in skyward steerage. Guh.