Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stabbing Everyone, Everywhere, Always

Klei's latest game, Shank 2 is out on all platforms today! You can get it (or the demo) for XBLA here (as in your can start downloading it directly to your console via the website), for Steam here (again, including demo) and for PSN, well, on the console's store (but there's a PSN info page here, at least).

I didn't work on the game much beyond some level concepts very early on; in the Ruins and Tanker levels, I can still see the skeletons of those original concepts. But the Shank team totally took it well above and beyond anything I could have imagined and really pulled off something fantastic. Oh, and I think I implemented the wild boar too. I still love that pig.

In basically every way, the game really is an improvement over the original Shank. Similar Left 4 Dead or Assassin's Creed, there were a lot of things the team wanted to improve upon from the original and couldn't pass given the chance to do so. Despite wearing my biases flagrantly, I'm absurdly impressed and proud of what my frighteningly talented coworkers achieved with Shank 2.

And that's enough shilling, I'll leave you with this trailer where a great many 2D people are stabbed, sawed, gored, pierced and otherwise have bodily harm done unto them.


Blogger Jacob Clark said...

Just got my Xbox copy today! Once the port comes over to Mac ill get the steam version! Tell them to get working on a Mac port for me ASAP!

I really love the new weapons they add a bit of combo mix up which adds some added depth to the game. Still i stand by Old Faithful all the way (chainsaw).

Also pass this along to the guys at the office but somehow the mac version of Shank is not on Steam but I did get it through humble bundle. Just letting you know.

PS Can't be stabbing!

February 9, 2012 at 8:39 AM  

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